Abaca is a boutique design firm specializing in high end residential interiors. Our hallmark is the thoughtful and collaborative approach we bring to every project. Through unwavering attention to detail and devotion to quality, we are able to guide our clients through the design process with ease and efficiency. We believe that the most beautiful and successful interiors exude a quiet elegance and unpretentious simplicity, while allowing the ins and outs of daily life to take center stage.

lisa hershman

Lisa’s ubiquitous sense of creativity is present in all she touches. Her style shows a respect for contrasts, a devotion to clean lines, and an appreciation for honest construction. Her designs celebrate eclecticism and whimsy while honoring simplicity and restraint. Lisa’s approach reflects her belief that the best outcomes are achieved through honest conversation, studied observation, and clear communication. Ultimately, Lisa strives to create a design process that is fun and rewarding for both the client and her team. Her success in doing so is evident in the lasting relationships she has with many of her clients, craftsmen, and vendors.

Lisa's work has been featured in Domino.com, Style at Home Magazine, Redbook Magazine, and Apartment Therapy, among others.

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JILIANN newbert

Assistant designer | ballerina | kick boxer | autoCAD diva | serial straightener | t-square ninja 


Jiliann has always had a passion for all things creative – dance, art, music, and, especially, design. Her own style is a pitch perfect mix of contrasting elements: clean, elegant and modern beside antique, traditional and classic, with an underpinning of raw, natural materials to lend a space warmth and give it soul. Jiliann is constantly researching new design ideas, not only at work, but also as she plays out her everyday life. She finds inspiration in the most unassuming objects, like a scrap of rusted metal on a sandy beach, and is always imagining how and where something might find its way into an interior. For Jiliann, there is nothing more exciting or rewarding than seeing a concept come to life in a client’s home.